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Testimonials ...

Thank you Karin for your sterling efforts in handling the authors and trying to meet a tight deadline.

(email from Ruth Swan, UK Project Manager,
Toppan Best-set)

Not for the first time, I note we have an author who is impressed by your care. Thanks!

(email from Bill Page, Beech Tree Publishing,
former publisher of the journal
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal

... and some titles

Clients for whom Karin Fancett has worked

Academic, education and general trade publishers

Organisations and public bodies

Journal and magazine publishers


Academic, education and general trade publishers

  • AA (Automobile Association) – leisure, natural history and travel titles
  • Cambridge University Press – more than 40 books on geology, astronomy, biology, forestry and oceanography for both general and specialist readers (see examples)
  • Dunedin Academic Press Ltd – earth and environmental science titles
  • Franklin Watts – children’s information books
  • Geological Society Publishing House - geology titles
  • John Wiley & Sons – many geological and biological titles, including large, multi-author compilations
  • Macmillan Publishers Limited – books for students and teachers of primary science, and travel, natural history and leisure titles (see examples)
  • Quintet Publishing Ltd – natural history, craft and gardening books
  • St Paul’s Bibliographies – various bibliographic titles

Organisations and public bodies

  • CAB International – titles on agriculture, horticulture, land use and forestry
  • Central Office of Information (COI) – government reports, white papers, publicity for various other government departments
  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI, later BERR/DIUS/BIS) – Foresight reports on sustainable housing and land-use futures
  • Environment Agency – scientific reports, leaflets, corporate publications, website
  • Forestry Commission/Forest Research – scientific reports, books, newsletters
  • Hampshire County Council – reports, magazines for residents and council employees
  • International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES, Denmark) – magazine articles
  • Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA, now part of LSN) – reports and CD-ROMs for the further education sector
  • Natural History Museum (London) – books, illustrated booklets, website (see examples)
  • RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) – architectural titles
  • RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) – annual reviews and magazines
  • Somerset Wildlife Trust – voluntary editor of Nature in Somerset
  • The Stationery Office – reports and guidelines for governmental departments and other organisations
  • Weston Park Museum (Sheffield) – exhibition display labels and information sheets
  • Winchester University – prospectus for students

Journal and magazine publishers (see examples)

  • Beech Tree Publishing/Taylor & Francis – quarterly journal (Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal)
  • Siteur Publications (The Netherlands) – magazine (Windtech International) and daily trade-show newsletters on wind technology
  • Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg, Germany) – various geological journals


  • Format Publishing Services – working with other editors, writers and designers providing services to clients such as Franklin Watts, Foulsham, Hamlyn, etc.
  • Individual authors – including a PhD dissertation on transport options and a self-published guide to running a small-holding
  • Toppan Best-set – working on publications for the UK Project Manager of this Hong Kong based pre-press company

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Titles worked on by Karin Fancett for the Cambridge University Press

Some books edited for Cambridge University Press

Some books edited for Macmillan Publishers Ltd by Karin Fancett

Some books edited for Macmillan Publishers Limited

Some of the magazines and journals worked on by Karin Fancett

Some of the magazines and journals I have worked on

Some books edited for The Natural History Museum by Karin Fancett

Some books edited for The Natural History Museum

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